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Our community’s children who have been abused and neglected deserve advocacy—personal, legal, medical and educational.

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Sangamon County CASA

Court Appointed Special Advocates for children in Sangamon County, Illinois

The CASA of Sangamon County Program strives to provide the children of Sangamon County who have experienced abuse and/or neglect with well-trained, informed, caring volunteers who can provide the best representation throughout the juvenile court proceedings so that every child can be safe, establish permanence and have the opportunity to thrive.

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Our CASA volunteers take time to listen, offer recommendations to the courts and strive to develop a trust bond so children know their voice will be heard.


CASA volunteers are committed to writing detailed, factual reports that give the court a clear mental image of the child’s situation. These reports ensure professionalism, consistency and objectivity.


A CASA’s work begins with getting to know a child and his or her situation. By learning about children and their situation, as well as the resources available in the community, volunteers can keep up with the constant changes in the foster care system and the services available. 


Sangamon County CASA offers their volunteer training via Zoom classes over a 6-week period. Our trainer is flexible and accommodating to ensure every training class is successful!

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What We Accomplish


When a CASA advocate is assigned to a foster child’s case, he or she offers a sense of security for that child. No matter the changes in living placement, no matter how long the child’s case remains in the court’s care, CASA will stay assigned, visiting the child regularly, rebuilding a sense of trust in adults, offering support to the child and both set of parents (biological and foster) in the form of resources for the child, and reporting back to the Juvenile Advocacy judge on concerns, successes, and ultimate recommendations for the child’s best interest. Read more


On average, a child who has been abused and neglected in Sangamon County remains in foster care for just under 2 years. CASA is diligent to ensure the best fit with an assignment of a volunteer to a foster child’s life. We pair the volunteer’s strengths with the child’s needs to create a long-lasting relationship. Read more


The goal of CASA, the Juvenile Advocacy judge, the GAL, and case-working agencies is to reunify the child with his or her biological parents. We know that the best place for children is with their biological parents; however, not in the same type of home that they were removed from, but in a rehabilitated home. Read more

Over 500 children in Sangamon County need an advocate.

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For children who have been abused & neglected trying to navigate the juvenile court and social services system, a CASA advocate can mean the difference between homelessness and a safe dwelling… dropping out or excelling in school… unemployment or a career path… incarceration or freedom… failure or success in life. At any given moment, they have the power to say this is not how this story is going to end.

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