A National Child Abuse Prevention Month poster with a blue ribbon to symbolize honoring and taking action against child abuse in Illinois.

Be a Voice for Abused Children: Child Abuse Prevention Month

It’s Child Abuse Prevention Month nationwide, and CASA organizations from all over are highlighting the importance of taking a stance to protect our young ones. This April, we are proud to recognize the role that CASA plays in child court cases and how residents can get involved to promote our cause further. Childhood is an irreplaceable part of a person’s existence. When abuse and neglect become a prominent force in a child’s everyday life, it can have a long-lasting impact on their growth and sense of self. At CASA of Sangamon County, we are here to educate locals in Sangamon County on ways they can protect the children of their community and become advocates themselves to tackle this injustice head-on. Keep reading to learn more about how you can take part in our mission.

Illinois Child Abuse Statistics

Through years of ongoing research, important statistics have been collected by professionals in their field regarding children who have experienced some form of abuse or neglect. While the national numbers are much higher, CASA of Sangamon County focuses on the much more impactful statistics of our own state to make a difference in the lives of children across Illinois. By recognizing April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month, we’ve included the most accurate and prominent statists that are up to date for our local area.

  • 40% of Illinois children ages 1-17 have experienced child abuse or neglect.
  • Since 2015, there have been 109,184 reports of child abuse in Illinois.
  • 40-75% of child abuse cases involve alcohol or drug use in the home.
  • 69% of children in foster care have experienced abuse/neglect from 2016-2020.
  • According to research, 47% of boys and 36% of girls from violent households show significant behavioral issues. (ILLINOIS CHILD ABUSE)

It’s Time to Take Action

Now that you know just how prominent child abuse and neglect are in our own community, it’s time to take action. If you’re looking for easy ways to show your support or educate others on the importance of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, wearing a blue ribbon to your workplace or special events are a great way to spark conversation. If you want to make more of an impact on the local children in your community, learn more about our events and volunteer opportunities in Sangamon County.

Experiencing abuse or neglect as a child doesn’t always show on the surface. There are many forms of abuse that take place in households throughout the country, some of which are impossible to recognize without knowing what to look for. It’s important to educate yourself on the signs of neglect in a child and contact authorities as soon as you notice an issue. Learn more about who we are and how you can take action in Sangamon County, including the cities of Springfield, Riverton, Chatham, Williamsville, Auburn, Dawson, Pawnee, and more.

Becoming an Advocate

At CASA of Sangamon County, we are dedicated to providing abused and neglected children with supportive, well-trained, and compassionate advocates to represent their journey through the court system. One of the most influential ways you can help a child in need this month is by becoming an advocate with your local CASA organization.

To become an advocate, you must be at least 21 years of age, successfully pass our screening and background checks, and complete 35 hours of initial training to start representing child abuse cases in juvenile court. We also ask that our advocates make a 12-month minimum commitment and complete 12 hours of additional education annually to ensure the best possible opportunity for each child. Contact us today at 217.522.2241 to learn more about becoming an advocate in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month.

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