A family in Springfield, IL holding their hands on top of each other in the center of a home made out of blocks with a white heart in the center of a child’s hand.

Leave a Legacy by Helping Children in Foster Care

At CASA of Sangamon County, it is our duty to provide well-trained and caring advocates to children in the community that have experienced abuse and neglect or are currently residing in foster care. Our team in Springfield, IL offers several ways that local families and organizations can leave behind their legacy, establishing the permeance of our mission. Whether you want to become a court-appointed advocate or create a planned gift through donations and trust funds, you can help our children in need thrive in several ways. Keep reading to learn more about how you can leave a legacy by helping foster children in your area.

Becoming a CASA Advocate

Becoming a CASA advocate is one of the most hands-on ways to help foster care children. At CASA of Sangamon County, we encourage local volunteers to take the next step in their journey by working with our organization as court-appointed advocates. There are several qualifications needed to become a working advocate, all of which are open to volunteers of our community in Springfield, IL:

  • 21+ Years of Age
  • Pass Application, Screening, & Background Check
  • Complete 35 Hours of Initial Training
  • Complete 12 Hours of Continuing Education
  • Make a 12-Month Minimum Commitment to a Case
  • Keep Information Confidential
  • Work Within Established Program Guidelines
  • Be Computer Literate

CASA advocates give hope to children in foster care and those who are victims of abuse or neglect. You will be one of the only consistent adult figures in these children’s lives and give them a voice in the courtroom that would otherwise be unheard of. Contact us today to speak with our team about becoming an advocate in Sangamon County.

Planned Gifting

If you’re unable to become an advocate, there are many other ways to support CASA’s mission. Planned gifting is one of the simplest ways to guarantee that our programs are funded and continue to thrive in your community. For many of our supporters, planned gifting offers peace of mind in knowing that they are giving back to a charitable cause when they are unable to dedicate time and schooling to our advocacy roles. Several strategies are available to honor your gifting goals; many donors fund our organization through stocks, financial holdings, endowment gifts, or setting up a Remainder Trust that pays a specific amount to CASA each year. Learn more about planned gifting options when you reach out to our team in Springfield, IL.

Bequests Through Your Will

A bequest is a gift that is made as a part of your will and testament to support organizations or causes when you are gone. One of the ways you can ensure your legacy is by creating a bequest that will make a lasting impact on the lives of foster children in your area. This amount can be a percentage of your remaining wealth or a specified amount donated to CASA of Sangamon County with the help of legal personnel. Bequests are essential to our organization and greatly impact our ability to fund education to our advocates and ensure each court case has the proper representation. Contact us today at 217.522.2241 to discuss other ways to help foster children in Springfield, IL or contact your attorney to adjust your will.

Retirement Funds & Insurance Policies

Create a legacy for foster children in Springfield, IL, by setting up continuous donations from your retirement funds or insurance policies. Many of our local families and organizations choose to name CASA of Sangamon County as a beneficiary on their retirement account or insurance policy to guarantee funding for a cause close to their hearts. We recommend speaking with a financial planner or attorney to ensure that your legacy is paid out and directly impacts children in need within your community. Contact us to learn more about our advocacy roles and how various gifting will be put to use within our organization.

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