A young woman is seen hugging two young children and smiling because she volunteers in helping children in the foster care system in Springfield, IL.

Urgent Call for New Volunteers to Be Advocates

CASA of Sangamon County urgently calls for citizen volunteers to become advocates for abused and neglected children in Springfield, IL. Many children find themselves in the foster care system after experiencing traumatic events, no longer having a support system or adult to ensure their needs are met. CASA advocates are essential to the growth and safety of these neglected children by representing and being present for the entirety of their legal case. Our organization is eager for passionate volunteers to start training courses and assist children and their families in central Illinois. Keep reading below to see how you can become a CASA advocate.

Why You Should Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering your time is one of the most generous ways to give back to foster care children or those looking for a permanent placement home. CASA of Sangamon County is constantly looking for certified court-appointed volunteers willing to dedicate their time as an advocate for ongoing cases involving children of abuse and/or neglect. Children of all ages rely on CASA volunteers to advocate on their behalf while ensuring their legal representatives have their best interests in mind at every step of the case. Being a CASA volunteer this season in Springfield, IL is the best way you can give back to local families and children. To learn more about our events and volunteer opportunities, please call us at 217.522.2241.

How to Become a CASA Volunteer Advocate

To become a certified, court-appointed CASA volunteer, you must be at least 21 years old, submit an application to our organization, participate in an interview with our staff, and pass several background checks. Once accepted, you will be required to participate in a 30-hour training class and be sworn in by a judge to begin as a training advocate for children suffering abuse and neglect. This process is essential to locating dedicated, passionate individuals that care about the well-being of CASA children. To learn more, browse through our website and application.

Yearly Volunteer Training

Once you become a volunteer, many individuals are curious about how they keep up with CASA regulations and expectations when representing local children. When you work as an advocate for CASA of Sangamon County in Springfield, IL, you will receive several free training classes per year that assist our volunteers in advocating for the children the entire length of their case. This ensures that each child is looked after and does not get lost in the social services system. If you are already a CASA volunteer, we help you continue to be a supportive figure in the lives of foster children by offering training courses and help from your advocate supervision that strengthens your ability to represent each child better.

Educate & Participate

If time isn’t something you’re able to give this season, CASA of Sangamon County encourages each and every one of those in our community to educate or participate in local events that support children in foster care. Sharing factual statistics about the foster care system and the benefit of advocating as a CASA volunteer can inspire others to complete the application and training process. In addition, helping a family locate resources to adopt or becoming a foster parent yourself can help the mental and physical well-being of a child in your community. Make a difference this holiday season by educating yourself and others or learning more about volunteering from our team in Springfield, IL.

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